Terms & Conditions

We wish to specify you that in the event that this product should fail within One Year from the original date of purchase through normal use confirming to the User’s Manual provided with the product and Warning Label(s) on the product, we will repair or replace at our option, free of charge.

The warranty issued by ToolsHub through Unicorn Metalics when purchased shall not apply if the product and consumables have been subject to fair wear and tear, abuse through Misuse or Improper use/handling/storage/maintenance/service/repair or through adaptation/modification by the original purchase or any third party without prior written consent of Unicorn Metalics or as a result of damage by an actual disaster or circumstances beyond the control of Unicorn Meatalis Co.(Pte) Ltd.

To obtain service under the warranty the product should be brought to us with the warranty issued to the purchaser. Product found to be defective must be returned to ToolsHub for evaluation before any repair or replacement.

ToolsHub reserves the right to deny replacement in the event the product is found to be fair wear and tear abuse through misuse or improper use/handling/storage/maintenance /service /repair or adaptation. ToolsHub decision will be the Final.